Prenatal Yoga, a journey into motherhood

A relaxed approach to being pregnant and giving birth.


Pregnancy is a unique and wondrous time in life.


Join us in exploring the new changes.




Our yoga center offers a warm and relaxing place for pregnant women. We offer a weekly, gentle prenatal yoga class that is especially designed for the journey of pregnancy. Classes combine childbirth education in addition to addressing therapeutic applications that can be used for common pregnancy aches and pains. You can join our series at any trimester of your pregnancy and until the very last day of your pregnancy.




Linking yoga postures with the breath will bring awareness to mind, body and spirit. The classes help to be more prepared. Empowered for labor, delivery and motherhood.




Book a Prenatal Class


Price is 12 euro per class with maximum of 15 and minimum of 5 participants.

Please register 1 week before the class.


Weekly on Monday from 8-9PM.

Join us in being a happy and relaxed mom!




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You are a Star

We know how challenging pregnancy can be. A lot is changing inside and outside. Our prenatal classes are offering you a 1 hour opportunity to relax and to connect.

Love is all around!

Love is one of the strongest emotions in life. Take a moment to breathe, smile, love. At Yogi*ni Yoga we believe that love and positive energy can change life, pregnancy and birth!

Honouring Each Step

Our prenatal yoga program is suited for all trimesters, honouring each stage of pregnancy and each unique person.

Groups are limited to offer more personal guidance. The program, conducted in a peaceful environment will help strengthen muscles, improve circulation, aid in digestion, exercise the spine, increase overall comfort, breathing excercies and helps you to relax deeply and prepare for birthing.


All materials are supplied for free to Pregnant women: mats, blankets, yoga blocks, yoga pillows,…

You only need to bring comfortable clothes. Doors open 10 minutes before class.

Classes are in Dutch but we can combine with English for international mothers(to-be).

To join us

Enrol at least one week before each class. 

29/4: special Yoga class with focus on giving birth

Please register 1 week in advance.

Yoga classes until end of June 2019

Book your class Online

Your spot is reserved, as soon as we receive your payment.

Please send us your payment receipt if you pay by bank account. 


12€ for 1 yogaclass 


Please pay online (BE34.0016.4671.0190 – BIC: GEBABEBB, mentioning: prenatal yoga)

or online:

Cancelation Policy

In case of doctor receipt, you can always use your class later.  You can always let someone else take your spot.

Just send us a message to inform us who will take your place.

One week before class: Cancellation is not charged. 


Yogi*ni Yoga, Luxemburgstraat 70, 9000 Gent

We look forward to welcoming you and your little wonder!

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